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Setting up a webserver from scratch

See the home page for the date of our next event.

We run regular monthly events aimed at teaching how to create a webserver from scratch as part of our Practical Linux Tutorial using AWS, Ubuntu, Apache, PHP & MySQL. We generally run these on the third Tuesday every month.

We'll take you through:

  1. Setting up your Amazon Web Services account.
  2. Installing an Ubuntu Linux server.
  3. Securely connecting to your new server
  4. Installing the web server software (Apache)
  5. Configuring PHP/MySQL
  6. Creating a basic webpage

Since this event repeats monthly you might want to continue where you left off the last time or you might want to try installing any software you are interested in (like Wordpress, Dokuwiki, Pleroma or any new projects you'd like to try out) just let us know and we'll help you get them set up.

Step-by-step guide

Following these steps will help you set up a new Ubuntu web server (apache2) and database (MySQL) on an Amazon EC2 virtual machine.

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