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Practical Linux Tutorial

Our monthly event to introduce people to the Linux command line and a tutorial on how to set up your own Linux server.

Next event: 6pm Mon 21st Feb2021, Bon Accord, 153 North Street, Glasgow

It combines the following two events into one:

The night is designed around who arrives - if you'd like to work through the command line part (either completely from scratch, or continuing from where you left off) you can concentrate on that.

Alternatively, if you are interested in the webserver part, let us know and we'll take you through the first steps and seat you with others doing the same.

We're available all night to answer questions on anything related, including how to install applications or projects from github etc.

Check out our Matrix chat room (room ID: to get to know us before the meetup - especially if you have any questions (or to let us know to prepare for something you'd like help with on the night).

Most of all the night is designed to be informal, fun and to teach you something (or maybe you just want to come, be socialable and help others). Either way, we'd love to see you!

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