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Matrix is an open source decentralised chat platform which can be self hosted. Technically, behind the scenes, Matrix is a distrbuted mutable JSON ledger - so it can be used for a lot more than just chatting. You can read more about it at their offical page:

Our Matrix room is at

See also:


First, you need a homeserver. You can choose to use the Matrix foundation's server, or, preferably (in the interests of decentralisation), you can set up your own. Alternatively, you can join ours at - we also have a public web interface at

Your homeserver takes part in conversations globally on your behalf - it's where your avatar is homed, and where any images you upload are stored. Any conversations you join are archived to your homeserver so if those servers go offline, the conversation can still continue. You can connect to your homeserver from multiple locations for instance from your phone, a web browser on your computer or laptop and resume where you left off in the discussion.

Getting started

Using the Web Client

Note: adding your email for registration is optional. If you add an email you are required to verify it before you can log in.

Once you've created an account you can use the Explore button to list the available rooms. We're in the room named Open Source (full ID is

Alternatively you can type the command to join the room directly into the chat bar:


Desktop and Mobile Matrix Clients

If you wish to use your own client instead of we recommend (previously called Riot). It supports iOS, Android and desktop (Windows/Mac/Linux).

You will likely need to set the client to use your homeserver, like or depending on where you created your account. The advantage of creating an account on is that it allows you to browse the other local rooms easier, but you can still take part no matter where you create your account. You can see a screenshot of how to do this below.

Using the command line

Matrix is very easy to interact with, both programatically (there are a number of SDKs) as well as via the command line using simple tools like curl. See our page Matrix on the command line for details.

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