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Linux Command Line

We run regular monthly events aimed at teaching beginners how to use the Linux command line. We generally run these on the third Tuesday of the month as part of the Practical Linux Tutorial.

We use OverTheWire's Wargame Bandit as it provides us with a server to log into and starts off with the basics. We'll explain how to connect to it with PuTTY or your operating system's built in ssh client.

Not a beginner? Join us anyway, you can either help teach the newcomers, or race ahead and try your hand at some of the more difficult levels - as it's designed for hackers, there are quite a few levels that require you to think outside the box a little!

The event is free, but there will be a donation tin to cover the meetup costs if you'd like to help out.

Next Event

  • Check the home page - usually the 3rd Monday of the month.
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