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Linux Command Line

This event runs monthly on the 1st Monday of the month from 6pm in The Gamer Club. Check the home page for the next date (or take a look at our meetup events page).

Quick start: Go to -> OverTheWire's Wargame: Bandit

We run regular monthly events aimed at teaching beginners how to use the Linux command line. We generally run these on the third Tuesday of the month as part of the Practical Linux Tutorial.

We use OverTheWire's Wargame Bandit as it provides us with a server to log into and starts off with the basics. We'll explain how to connect to it with PuTTY or your operating system's built in ssh client.

Not a beginner? Join us and try the more advanced war games hosted by 2600 Glasgow. Race ahead and try your hand at the more difficult games/levels and work with others to learn how to beat them, or help us teach newcomers some of the more advanced topics.

The event is free, but there will be a donation tin to cover the meetup costs if you'd like to help out.


Level bandit11: alias rot13=“tr 'A-Za-z' 'N-ZA-Mn-za-m'”


These are here in case you lose your place, or want to resume from where you left off.

Level 0: bandit0
Level 1: NH2SXQwcBdpmTEzi3bvBHMM9H66vVXjL
Level 2: rRGizSaX8Mk1RTb1CNQoXTcYZWU6lgzi
Level 3: aBZ0W5EmUfAf7kHTQeOwd8bauFJ2lAiG
Level 4: 2EW7BBsr6aMMoJ2HjW067dm8EgX26xNe
Level 5: lrIWWI6bB37kxfiCQZqUdOIYfr6eEeqR
Level 6: P4L4vucdmLnm8I7Vl7jG1ApGSfjYKqJU
Level 7: z7WtoNQU2XfjmMtWA8u5rN4vzqu4v99S
Level 8: TESKZC0XvTetK0S9xNwm25STk5iWrBvP
Level 9: EN632PlfYiZbn3PhVK3XOGSlNInNE00t
Level 10: G7w8LIi6J3kTb8A7j9LgrywtEUlyyp6s
Level 11: 6zPeziLdR2RKNdNYFNb6nVCKzphlXHBM
Level 12: JVNBBFSmZwKKOP0XbFXOoW8chDz5yVRv
Level 13: wbWdlBxEir4CaE8LaPhauuOo6pwRmrDw
Level 14: fGrHPx402xGC7U7rXKDaxiWFTOiF0ENq

Level 6: DXjZPULLxYr17uwoI01bNLQbtFemEgo7
Level 7: HKBPTKQnIay4Fw76bEy8PVxKEDQRKTzs
Level 8: cvX2JJa4CFALtqS87jk27qwqGhBM9plV
Level 9: UsvVyFSfZZWbi6wgC7dAFyFuR6jQQUhR
Level 10: IFukwKGsFW8MOq3IRFqrxE1hxTNEbUPR
Level 11: 5Te8Y4drgCRfCx8ugdwuEX8KFC6k2EUu
Level 12: 8ZjyCRiBWFYkneahHwxCv3wb2a1ORpYL
Level 13: ssh bandit14@localhost -i sshkey.private
Level 14: BfMYroe26WYalil77FoDi9qh59eK5xNr
Level 15: cluFn7wTiGryunymYOu4RcffSxQluehd
Level 16: private key in 16-17 post. Stored in /tmp/zd16/pk.private
Level 17: w0Yfolrc5bwjS4qw5mq1nnQi6mF03bii
Level 18: IueksS7Ubh8G3DCwVzrTd8rAVOwq3M5x
Level 19: GbKksEFF4yrVs6il55v6gwY5aVje5f0j
Level 20: gE269g2h3mw3pwgrj0Ha9Uoqen1c9DGr
Level 21: Yk7owGAcWjwMVRwrTesJEwB7WVOiILLI
Level 22: jc1udXuA1tiHqjIsL8yaapX5XIAI6i0n
Level 23: UoMYTrfrBFHyQXmg6gzctqAwOmw1IohZ
Level 24: uNG9O58gUE7snukf3bvZ0rxhtnjzSGzG
Level 25: 5czgV9L3Xx8JPOyRbXh6lQbmIOWvPT6Z
Level 26: 0ef186ac70e04ea33b4c1853d2526fa2 
Level 27: 3ba3118a22e93127a4ed485be72ef5ea
Level 28: bbc96594b4e001778eee9975372716b2
Level 29: 5b90576bedb2cc04c86a9e924ce42faf
Level 30: 47e603bb428404d265f59c42920d81e5
Level 31: 56a9bf19c63d650ce78e6ec0354ee45e
Level 32: c9c3199ddf4121b10cf581a98d51caee
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