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Guides: Web server: Part 2

Installing Web/DB/PHP

  • Now we'll install the web server (Apache), the database (MySQL) and PHP:
sudo apt update
sudo apt install apache2 php php-mysql mysql-server
  • Connect to the database as the root (admin) user:
sudo mysql -u root
  • Then, inside the mysql client, we created the database and created a user called ‘coding_username’, with the password ‘cheese’ and gave it access to the newly created ‘coding’ database:
CREATE USER coding_username IDENTIFIED BY 'cheese';
GRANT ALL privileges ON coding.* TO coding_username;
  • Then we downloaded the Adminer software ( using the command line downloader on the Amazon instance (i.e. do this in putty on your server, don't download it to your laptop):
  • Then copy the file we downloaded to the web directory:
sudo cp adminer-4.8.1.php /var/www/html/adminer.php
  • Now we could access the Adminer program by adding /adminer.php to your public Amazon EC ip address
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