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How To: Grafana monitoring

We'll be demoing how to set up and configure influxdb and collectd to start gathering data about your system[s] (network bandwith, pings, memory and cpu usage, disk activity etc).

Then we'll show you how to use Grafana and configure a beautiful dashboard.

Bonus demo: Monitoring radio thermometers, minecraft kills and more!

Check out our events page for the next How To event.


On the server you want the data to be sent to (make sure to open the relevant port [8096] in your firewall).

sudo apt install influxdb
sudo vim /etc/influxdb/influxdb.conf


sudo apt install grafana


Adding a server

sudo apt install collectd
sudo vim /etc/collectd/collectd.conf

Set a hostname (if a FQDN doesn't work, i.e. on amazon EC2 default)

Hostname "MyVPS"

Enable (uncomment) the network Plugin:

LoadPlugin network

Enter the server details:

<Plugin network>
        <Server "" "25726">
        SecurityLevel Sign
#        Username "user"
#        Password "PASSWORD"
#        </Server>

Optionally uncomment out the relevant plugins, for example:

LoadPlugin apache
LoadPlugin mysql

Then set their specific config sections, for example:

<Plugin apache>
        <Instance "local">
                URL "http://localhost/server-status?auto"
                VerifyPeer false

Restart collectd

sudo service collectd restart


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