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Scuttlebutt Talk and Onboarding Party

Date Wednesday 13th November 2019
Time 6:30pm
Location The Avalon Lounge, 25 Kent Rd, Glasgow, G3 7EH
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Onboarding Party

Bring your laptop / Android Device :)

Join us for a short talk by one of our members, Gordon Martin, on Scuttlebutt ( followed by an “onboarding session” - a workshop that'll help you get setup and using Scuttlebutt with a fun, themed scenario to demo it's features and show how things work in practice.

We'll role play 'social networking during the zombie apocalypse with petrol generators and Wi-Fi' :).

What is Scuttlebutt?

  • “an 'off-grid' peer to peer (P2P) social network that runs without servers and can fall back to “sneakernet”, local networks, bluetooth, etc.
  • “a protocol on which many different kinds of off grid social apps can be built”


Signed up, but didn't show

  1. Denis Alyshev
  2. Helen Honeyman
  3. Hervin Cardona
  4. Kyle Gordon
  5. Mariama Sillah
  6. Mohamed Ali
  7. Sandy
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