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Meeting Notes: Tue 10th September 2019 (Level 0)

Welcome! This is the notes page for our seventh learn-to-code-from-scratch meeting in The Avalon, Kent Road. The plan is to run something like this every month to get people up and running with basic web development and system admin.

What we'll do

This meeting is geared more towards complete beginners (Level 0), so we'll aim to teach:

  1. How to set up an Amazon EC2 instance (a free private server you can start developing on)
  2. How to securely access your server
  3. Install a webserver and database on your server
  4. Install a GUI tool for administering your database
  5. How to upload and edit files on your webserver
  6. How to create a basic “Hello world” program
  7. If there's time, some basic form and and database work

Whatever your level - you are very welcome to come along. We'll find some time to answer questions and if you are able to help newcomers with any issues they might have, all the better! That said, depending on your experience you might get more out of higher level meeting (Level 1+) - it's up to you.

What you'll need

  1. A laptop
  2. An account on AWS (visit Amazon Web Services and create an account You will have to put credit card details in, but you won't be charged for your first year). This is optional but might save some time on the night.

Getting Started

See the Getting Started page for the list of instructions we'll work through to complete the objectives above.

Extra work

Done the Getting Started tasks above? Try one of these:

  • Mobile Home Page Create your own home page for your mobile device. This mini project is ideal if you need some more experience with HTML (and it shows some basic PHP code examples too).
  • The Quiz App This project is bit more advanced, take a look and see if you can work through the first few steps to get it up and running.


See the Troubleshooting page if you run into any problems following along with the Getting Started instructions, or just let me know and I'll try to help!


An opportunity to make some new friends with common interests! Follow us on the Fediverse at (create an account on or on any Fediverse connected site) so you can keep in touch with everyone you meet tonight. Let me know if you want to share your Fediverse address so I can add the details below.

  1. Aileen McKenzie
  2. Alan Kennedy
  3. Anne
  4. Cédric Chantreau [open source]
  5. Mo Akhtar
  6. Neil McKillop (Organiser) [open source]
  7. Ruta Gor [open source]

Signed up, but didn't show

  1. Abe Stewart [open source]
  2. Anna
  3. Gloriya
  4. Jillian Joyce
  5. Jude Nelson [open source]
  6. Joey
  7. Ljupcho
  8. MaryF
  9. Michael
  10. Olivia Foulds
  11. Omer Mohammed
  12. Rameez Tariq [open source]
  13. Ravi Pathak [open source]
  14. Szabó Attila [open source]
  15. Tammy Tracey [open source]
  16. Won Maung Thein
  17. Yogita Gosain [open source]
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