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 | When | **Tue October 29th 2019, 6:30pm** | | When | **Tue October 29th 2019, 6:30pm** |
 | Where | **The Avalon Lounge, Kent Road** | | Where | **The Avalon Lounge, Kent Road** |
 +| | [[https://​​Open-Source-Glasgow/​events/​265044542/​]] (optional) | 
-Informal and relaxed meeting in the quiet lounge of Avalon bar on Kent Road.  You'll need a laptop to take part.+<embed includes:​commandline/>​
-Aimed at absolute beginners. We'll show how to securely connect to a server then we'll work through Bandit, an adventure game set in the command line that progresses step-by-step from the basics to common programs and beyond. 
-I'll have my laptop plugged into a screen and we'll work together to introduce to you to each concept. Bring a laptop and play along as I explain how to progress to each level. 
-See how far you get before you come along and try on the night: 
-This event costs £1 - there'​ll be a donation jar next to me on the night to cover the costs of the meetup group. 
-====== Getting Started ====== 
-If you are on Windows, then download [[https://​​~sgtatham/​putty/​|PuTTY]],​ otherwise you probably already have the tools you'll need built in (ssh). 
-Game instructions:​ http://​​wargames/​bandit/​ 
-==== Bandit Level 0 ==== 
-The goal of this level is for you to log into the game using SSH. The host to which you need to connect is ****,​ on port **2220**. The username is **bandit0** and the password is **bandit0**. Once logged in, go to the Level 1 page to find out how to beat Level 1. 
-==== Bandit Level 1 ==== 
-The password for the next level is stored in a file called **''​readme''​** located in the home directory. Use this password to log into **** using SSH. Whenever you find a password for a level, use SSH (on port **2220**) to log into that level and continue the game. 
-==== Bandit Level 2+ ==== 
-Continue with the instructions online at http://​​wargames/​bandit/​ 
 ====== Scratch Area ===== ====== Scratch Area =====
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 </​code>​ </​code>​
-===== IRC ===== +<embed includes:commandlineirc/>
-There will be some passwords posted on the IRC channel (#​opensource on if you need them (or want to continue where you left off). +
- +
-Don't know how to join?  Ask, I'll be happy to show you how.  Or read some instructions at https://​​ +
- +
-There is a log of the chat you've missed available here (refresh to update): +
-https://​​tmp/​opensource.log.txt +
- +
- +
-====== Attendees ====== +
-An opportunity to make some new friends with common interests! ​ Follow us on the Fediverse at https://​​tags/​coding (create an account on https://​ or on any Fediverse connected site) so you can keep in touch with everyone you meet tonight.  +
- +
 +<embed includes:​attendees/>​
 +  - Steven
 +  - Neil
 +  - John
 +===Signed up but didn't attend:===
 +  - Emmanuel
 +  - Kenny
 +  - Ross Archibald
 +  - Denis Alyshev
 +  - Hammy
 +  - Shahid Mustafa
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